‘Tottenham Hotspur – Behind The Finances’

Host Ricky Sacks is joined by Lee MvQueen and special guest to this week’s Last Word On Spurs in Football Finance’s Kieran Maguire.

Levy is one of the most powerful men in English football, as well as one of the most private. He has run Tottenham with forensic control for almost 20 years now, transforming them from one of the mid-table pack into an example of how a modern self-sufficient football club should work.

But among Tottenham fans, Levy is not universally popular. The team has only won one League Cup during his tenure, although they did come close to greatness under Mauricio Pochettino, finishing as Premier League runners up in 2017 and reaching the Champions League final in 2019. But their greatest manager since Bill Nicholson was sacked last year and stickers saying “ENIC OUT: PROFIT OVER GLORY” are not an uncommon sight around the club’s newly-built stadium.

We discuss the finances behind Tottenham Hotspur and leave it up to the audience to decide what you feel about the club’s finances.


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